Auditions are now open for RPE's 2018 Fund Raiser: They're Playing My Song. We'll be saluting Broadway's Favorite Composers. March 17, 2018 at The Village Theatre in Danville. Positions open for male and female singers/movers. Stipend paid. Rehearsals in Danville, to be scheduled. Ed Goldfarb on the piano!  Contact Sharon Sprecher at .">. or call 916-768-9785 for details.

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The Rover
by Aphra Behn

Directed by Phoebe Moyer

Rover 2.1

Role Players Ensemble (Danville, CA) is holding auditions for The Rover, written by Aphra Behn; Directed by Phoebe Moyer

Auditions: Saturday, November 4, 2017, 12 pm – 5 pm
Callbacks: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 7 pm

Audition requirements: 1-2 minute comic monologue and cold read directly from the script.
NON-AEA SUBMISSIONS ONLY. The edited script and sides will be made available before auditions begin.

Rehearsals begin March 5th and are Monday – Thursday 6:30 pm – 10 pm and Saturdays 11:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Performances/Run: Fridays-Sundays 4/13-4/29, 2018
All rehearsals and performances are held in Danville, CA

Stipend: $350.00

About the play: The Rover follows the escapades of a band of banished English cavaliers who pursue a pair of noble Spanish sisters, as well as a courtesan and a common prostitute. Willmore, a raffish naval captain, falls in love with Hellena, a wealthy noble woman, who is determined to experience love before she’s sent to a convent. However, a famous courtesan, Angellica Bianca, also falls in love with Willmore. Meanwhile, Hellena's older sister, Florinda, tries to avoid an unappealing arranged marriage and devises a plan to marry her true love, Colonel Belvile. The third major plot deals with the provincial Blunt, who is convinced that a girl has fallen in love with him only to find out that she is a prostitute and a thief. The Rover is rich with humor, sprightly wit, and farcical adventures.

Available Characters


  • Don Antonio (the Viceroy’s son)
  • Don Pedro (a noble Spaniard, his friend)
  • Belvile (an English colonel in love with Florinda)
  • Willmore (the rover)
  • Frederick (an English gentleman, and friend to Belvile and Blunt)
  • Blunt (an English country gentleman)
  • Stephano (servant to Don Pedro)
  • Philippo (Lucetta’s gallant)
  • Sancho (pimp to Lucetta)
  • Biskey (bravo to Angellica)
  • Sebastian (bravo to Angellica)


  • Florinda (sister to Don Pedro)
  • Hellena (a gay young woman designed for a nun; sister to Florinda)
  • Valeria (a kinswoman to Florinda)
  • Angellica Bianca (a famous courtesan)
  • Moretta (Angellia’s woman)
  • Callis (governess to Florinda and Hellena)
  • Lucetta (a jilting wench)

Please send a headshot and resume, along with your preferred audition time (we will accommodate you as best as possible) to:

Kimberly Ridgeway
Production Manager
Role Players Ensemble

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